Find the Right Canopy for Your Ford Ranger

Are you looking to install a new canopy on your Ford Ranger? Whether you are looking for security, extra storage space or a little bit of both, our canopies at PJ's 4x4 are varied and high quality to meet your needs more.

Choose the Most Unique and Versatile Ford Ranger Hard Sports Lid on the Market, with the TopUp Lid from PJ’s 4x4

Every hard-top sports lid on the market is more or less the same, right? For the most part, if you are shopping for a Ford Ranger hard lid, you are looking for comparable designs—even as you move from one manufacturer to another. High quality more.

Outfit Your Nissan Navara with the Best Accessories, Including a Top-Tier Canopy from PJ’s 4x4

Depending on the model you have, a Nissan Navara can be quite expensive. Especially if you go for a ‘Series 2' model, the Navara runs for tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, you get a premium product for that price, including standard Navara more.

Give Your Toyota Hilux Tailgate the Security It Deserves, with the Elite Canopy Design from PJ’s 4x4

When you buy a lid or canopy for your 4x4, there is a good chance you are doing it for security. Ideally, a canopy should protect the stuff in your tailgate from prying eyes, potential thieves and the elements—among other threats. Too often more.

Make Your Job Easier, with a Toyota Hilux Hard Sports Lid and ProLift Tailgate Assist System from PJ’s 4x4

Are you tired of worrying about the stuff in your ute bed because you don’t have a secure sports lid? Are you getting annoyed with your heavy, cumbersome tailgate? Do you load supplies or other shipments into your ute on a regular basis more.

Find a Hard Lid or Canopy for Your Volkswagen Amarok

If you’re a die-hard ute fan, then you know the Volkswagen Amarok is an incredibly reliable vehicle. Larger and more powerful than many other utes in its class, the Amarok is a real workhorse, perfect for all kinds of heavy lifting and dragging more.

Acquire a Holden Colorado Hard Lid or Canopy

You love utes, which is why you purchased a Holden Colorado. Known far and wide as one of the finest 4x4s in the country, the Holden Colorado is an Australian classic with plenty of power to back up its reputation. However, almost every piece of more.

How to Get a Proper Isuzu D-Max Hard Lid or Canopy

For some, it might be easy to mistake the Isuzu D-Max for its cousin the Holden Colorado. Both utes are manufactured by Isuzu, after all, which can lead to some confusion for those unfamiliar with the particularities of each vehicle (in fact more.

Purchase a Unique Hard Lid or Canopy for Your Mazda BT50

Your Mazda BT50 doesn’t have to be a rugged highway beast—although it certainly is that. With the right add-ons, you can also turn your BT50 into the perfect sport or utility vehicle. You can start with the basics, like adding a quality canopy more.

Need a Ute Canopy? Find Central Locking Ute Canopies for Sale and More

As anybody who has ever owned a ute knows, canopies make extremely valuable investments. While the uninitiated might view a ute canopy as an optional extra for your vehicle, true truckers know that a central locking canopy can save your cargo more.

Which Nissan Navara UTE Hard Lids Best Accommodates Your Needs?

People enjoy driving off-road vehicles for various reasons. Many avid racers love nothing more than speeding around a track while adventurers enjoy having a vehicle that allows them to traverse challenging terrains. If you’re the proud owner of more.

The Benefits of Our Exclusive Ute Hard Lids

Some people buy 4x4s to drive over challenging terrain while others prefer to utilise their storage space for the likes of camping and fishing gear. Some people purchase 4x4s to accommodate their work tools securely, but if you own a ute such more.

What Features Should You Expect on a Premium 4x4 Canopy?

If you need to maximise the space provided by your 4x4 or ute, you might want to purchase an accessory such as a hard lid or a 4x4 canopy. Hardtops are ideal for those who want to retain their vehicle’s sporty appearance, but canopies are the more.


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