The Benefits of Our Exclusive Ute Hard Lids

Some people buy 4x4s to drive over challenging terrain while others prefer to utilise their storage space for the likes of camping and fishing gear. Some people purchase 4x4s to accommodate their work tools securely, but if you own a ute such as a Nissan Navara, you might need a way to protect your valuables from rain and turmoil weather. Fortunately, Utehard lids help keep your valuable assets secure, bolster its overall image, and make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

Our Sports Lid, for example, is made from high-quality, lightweight fibreglass and improves fuel consumption by up to 15 percent. It makes your car more practical by providing protection for items stored in your boot, and it’s designed to look extra stylish with a fabric interior lining and a hand-finished stainless steel styling bar. A twin-locking mechanism ensures your assets remain safe and secure, and you can store 50kg of valuables on top of the lid using external roof rails. For all those reasons and more, the sports lid is one our most popular Ute hard lids.

At PJ’s 4x4, we’re passionate about designing and manufacturing exclusive ute hard lids that are a cut above the rest. We hand-build all our products using the highest-grade materials to ensure premium quality, and we work with a nationwide network of high-quality installers that have earned a reputation for excellence. Browse our product pages today to find the right hardtop for your 4x4. Alternatively, you can contact us on 1800 008 458 for more information or professional advice.

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