How to Get a Proper Isuzu D-Max Hard Lid or Canopy

For some, it might be easy to mistake the Isuzu D-Max for its cousin the Holden Colorado. Both utes are manufactured by Isuzu, after all, which can lead to some confusion for those unfamiliar with the particularities of each vehicle (in fact, the D-Max was even sold under the Colorado name for a while, further complicating matters). You’ll instantly notice the difference between these utes if you try to install accessories for one model on the other, though. That’s because the Isuzu D-Max and the Holden Colorado are slightly different vehicles, each of which requires their own add-ons and augmentations. Take the canopy, for instance. Finding an Isuzu D-Max hard lid or canopy means finding a seller who knows the exact specs and dimensions of the D-Max, so your canopy will fit properly once you’ve purchased it.

Though the D-Max and Colorado are essentially siblings, they're anything but interchangeable. The differences are subtle but important. Take the exterior of each vehicle, for instance. The Colorado uses a slightly more "classic" aesthetic, whereas the D-Max comes off as more streamlined and aggressive. This makes all the difference when purchasing a canopy or a hard lid since these products will attach directly to the exterior of your ute. Although each tray features four tie-down points, you won’t get the right fit by trying to use a hard lid or canopy from a Colorado on the back of your D-Max. It’s always better to go with something made specifically for your vehicle.

That's where PJ's 4x4 can be of help. We provide bespoke, handmade ute accessories for a variety of widely-used ute, including the Isuzu D-Max. A Canopy for your D-Max can easily be purchased by checking out our online store, or by going to any of the installers in our nationwide network. With the level of detail and the quality of material we use in our products, you’ll be unlikely to find a better box for your D-Max anywhere on this side of the world.


Let’s be real: the Isuzu D-Max is anything but a cheap ute. It’s a high-performance vehicle that turns work or playtime into something more vital and more rewarding. That being the case, you want to make sure that anything you put on the back of your D-Max will be up to the same standards of excellence. Try our Classic Canopy, our Sports Lid or any of our other coverings, and experience the unique craftsmanship you can only find with a product from PJ’s 4x4s.

Have Your Item Fitted Before Your New Vehicle Is Delivered

If you’re buying a new Isuzu D-Max and want to outfit it with quality accessories right away, you can have your hard lid or canopy fitted directly onto your ute by the dealership when you pick it up. Our network of installers stretches across the country, so don’t be shy—contact us now and learn how you can outfit your bakkie with a canopy that will do exactly what you need.

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