Acquire a Holden Colorado Hard Lid or Canopy

You love utes, which is why you purchased a Holden Colorado. Known far and wide as one of the finest 4x4s in the country, the Holden Colorado is an Australian classic with plenty of power to back up its reputation. However, almost every piece of equipment can be decked out with some quality accessories, and the Holden Colorado is no exception. One thing that you might want to add to your Colorado is a canopy or a hard lid to keep precious cargo safe. This can help you get the most out of your Colorado, whether you’re in the habit of using it for work, play or both.

What makes the right hard lid or canopy for a ute like the Colorado? It depends on exactly what you need. A canopy may be useful for transporting sensitive goods, especially if you’re doing it for work purposes. A hard lid, on the other hand, can be an excellent way to keep sporting gear and other recreation items in place when you take your ute out for a weekend in the wild or fill it up with stuff for the beach. In any case, you'll want to make sure that the additions you provide for your 4x4 are well-made and well-suited to your purposes. It's always a good idea to seek out a company that makes their products by hand and uses high quality parts so that you aren't using a cheap or easily breakable addition for your expensive and valuable vehicle.

One of the most reliable companies in Australia from which to purchase a Holden Colorado canopy or lid is PJ’s 4x4. We’re the only distributors for the products we offer, which are all designed to satisfy ute owners by combining top-notch parts with impeccable workmanship. When you want a box that rocks, don't waste time searching through average accessories. Treat yourself to a product from PJ's 4x4, and experience the confidence that comes with using the very best of the bunch.


If you’ve never purchased an accessory for your ute before, you might not know which of our products will serve you best. That’s why we provide plenty of detail on everything we offer. Take our TwentyTen Canopy, for example—a handcrafted piece tailored to fit your ute exactly. With features like fully-integrated central locking and an incredible level of functionality, this canopy provides the perfect way to haul loads for commercial or industrial purposes. There’s also our Top Up Lid, which is excellent for adventurers who need more storage. This hard lid will simultaneously add space and fuel efficiency to your vehicle with its aerodynamic shape.

The Accessory Your Ute Deserves

When you’ve invested serious time, love and money into your vehicle, you owe it the kind of accessories that reflect your commitment to excellence. Whether you’re searching for a canopy or a hard lid, the easiest way to obtain such products is by shopping with PJ’s 4x4. Contact us today for more information—we’ll be happy to help you settle on the right product for your purposes.

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