Choose the Most Unique and Versatile Ford Ranger Hard Sports Lid on the Market, with the TopUp Lid from PJ’s 4x4

Every hard-top sports lid on the market is more or less the same, right? For the most part, if you are shopping for a Ford Ranger hard lid, you are looking for comparable designs—even as you move from one manufacturer to another. High quality sports lids will usually boast similar features, from secure locking mechanisms to seamless designs that integrate well with your vehicle. But what if there was a more unique and versatile hard lid out there—one that could give you more storage, more flexibility in hauling and more fuel efficiency, all in one convenient package?

Introducing the TopUp Lid

At PJ’s 4x4, we have created precisely that type of hard top ute lid. Whether you are shopping for a Ford Ranger sports lid or a hard lid for a Nissan Navara, our TopUp lid will be compatible with your 4x4 model. Better yet, you will be able to enjoy the full range of features that the TopUp lid has to offer.

On the one hand, our TopUp lid provides all the features you would expect from a 4x4 hardtop lid. The lid is fully lockable to your tailgate, for complete security of anything you need to store in your ute bed. The lid also closes securely on all sides, is 100% water resistant and has a sleek, stylish aesthetic that will look fantastic as part of your 4x4. The pop-up function is also standard and makes it easy to load and unload items into the tailgate.

On the other hand, though, the PJ’s 4x4 TopUp lid includes features you are unlikely to find from any other Ford Ranger sports lid. For instance, if you tend to push the capacity of your tub to the limit, you will be happy to know that the TopUp lid includes a three-point positioning system that increases load carrying capacity by up to 10%. You can also drive with the ute lid in an upright position—a factor that only adds to the versatility of the lid design.

The TopUp’s list of unique features goes on and on. One of the biggest perks of using the TopUp instead of some other Ranger hard lid is fuel efficiency. We designed the TopUp lid with aerodynamics in mind, reducing drag where possible to make for a sports lid that wouldn't put extra strain on your gas tank or wallet. The result is a hard-top lid that can save you up to 15% on fuel economy—something virtually unheard of in the sports lid industry.

Make the TopUp Lid Your Next Ranger Lid

At PJ’s 4x4, we would love to tell you more about our TopUp hard top lid. It’s tough to beat the TopUp design as a Ford Ranger hard lid or Nissan Navara sports lid. Give us a call on 1800 008 458 to find out more or to place an order for your TopUp lid.

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