Experience a new realm of freedom

Welcoming a new era of hard top to the PJ's 4x4 range. The TopFlip is undeniably the most versatile ute lid on the market! Giving you the ability to Drive with it up, Flip it back, take it off or all of the above! Whether to you need a hard lid and still want to carry your motorbike or you need security with the option of still using your ute tub as a platform to hunt from. Carry your fridge! Carry your motorbikes! Carry your pets! Secure your tools! whatever the requirement, chances are the TopFlip can do it!

TIP IT UP - TOP IT UP - FLIP IT BACK - WHIP IT OFF or all of the above!

The TopFlip has been especially developed to be the most versatile ute lid available! A question that often plagued us while selling our TopUp ute lids was “ What if I want to carry a kitchen Fridge?”. Other questions we received were the likes of “Can I put my motorbikes in the back?”and “is it easily removed, just in case?”. These were all scenarios that we were determined to find an answer for. With months of consultation with the manufacturing engineer, the TopFlip was born! Experience a new sense of freedom with our all new TOPFLIP!




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