Whether you’re looking for a premium canopy for your Nissan NP300 Navara or the world famous iDrive Throttle controller, We’ve got you covered!


Outfit Your Nissan Navara with the Best Accessories, Including a Top-Tier Canopy from PJ’s 4x4

Depending on the model you have, a Nissan Navara can be quite expensive. Especially if you go for a ‘Series 2' model, the Navara runs for tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, you get a premium product for that price, including standard Navara features such as fuel efficient turbo diesel engines, 3.5-tonne towing capacity, luxurious leather interior and more. Still, the Navara is a sizable investment.

Here's a question: if you are going to invest big money in purchasing a top-tier 4x4 like the Nissan Navara, why would you use cheap or poor quality accessories? At PJ’s 4x4, we’ve occasionally spoken to Navara drivers who bought low-priced canopies or sports lids for their 4x4s and were then surprised when they didn’t deliver strong performance or long lifespans. Unfortunately, the fact is that when you buy cheap parts, you may not always get the quality you deserve. If you want accessories that are worthy of the premium quality and premium price point of your Navara, you are going to need to invest in quality.


At PJ’s 4x4, we can help you invest in quality by offering you our selection of Navara Canopy and lid designs. Our canopies are not generic or dime-a-dozen. On the contrary, we only sell our own exclusive products, which are hand built to guarantee maximum quality control. We have taken care to outfit every one of our canopies and lids with premium features that you will need to protect your loads and get the most out of your 4x4. If you choose a PJ’s 4x4 canopy for your Navara, you will get a design that locks firmly into place and that features privacy glass. If you choose one of our sports lids, you will get secure, waterproof designs that maximise storage space while minimising wear and tear. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a PJ’s 4x4 design.

Perhaps best of all, we always customise our designs to suit your vehicle. Are you buying a silver Navara NP300 from the Nissan dealership? We can custom fit an NP300 canopy for your vehicle before you pick it up from the dealership so that you are ready to start locking and securing your tailgate from the moment you drive your vehicle off the lot. We even paint your NP300 canopy for you so that it perfectly matches the look of your Navara. This custom fitting service is available for any lid or canopy for any Nissan Navara model.

Buy a Canopy or Sports Lid That Will Last; Shop PJ’s 4x4 Today

Don’t settle for accessories that only last for a year or two before they start sagging, tearing or otherwise breaking down. When you buy a canopy for your Nissan Navara, it should be ready to last for as long as the 4x4 itself. Not many manufacturers can offer that kind of product quality, but at PJ’s 4x4, we consider it our job to do nothing less. If you are interested in learning more about our sports lid and canopy designs for the Navara—or any other 4x4 model, for that matter—give us a call on 1800 008 458.

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