Purchase a Unique Hard Lid or Canopy for Your Mazda BT50

Your Mazda BT50 doesn’t have to be a rugged highway beast—although it certainly is that. With the right add-ons, you can also turn your BT50 into the perfect sport or utility vehicle. You can start with the basics, like adding a quality canopy. Outfitting a BT50 with a canopy provides more storage space without worrying about protrusions or loose items, and using a hard lid can help you keep your recreational gear secure on those long trips to the outback or the beach. It’s all about finding products that will fit your ute perfectly, so you'll want to do some research before you give your Mazda BT50 a hard lid or a canopy. Many places might be able to sell you a canopy but to find the best in Australia, you'll have to do a little bit of digging.

Start with the quality—you don't want to buy a cheap product for a fine vehicle. Investing in a BT50 means you're already serious about the performance your ute delivers, so you should do your best to support it with well-made accessories. Purchasing a hard lid from an organisation that makes everything by hand to fit your ute is going to give you the kind of functionality you just won’t find elsewhere. There’s also the question of how to have your canopy or hard lid installed. You might think you've found a perfect lid, but if you can't have it sized before buying it, you're taking a risk.

Fortunately, PJ's 4x4 provides solutions to all those complications. We offer painstakingly crafted bespoke 4x4 covers for many varieties of utes, including the Mazda BT50. Furthermore, we use a nationwide network of installers to help our customers acquire and use these premium products, so that no matter where your work or play takes you, we’ll be able to have you—wait for it—covered.


We're not just the best resource for the products we sell—we're the only one. Our ute lids are exclusive, meaning that you'll only be able to acquire them through our company or one of our authorised installers. Whether you’re interested in our sleek Top Up lid, our Classic Canopy, or one of our other options, you’ll find that all of them offer the same unparalleled functionality and quality craftsmanship. They’ll fit the back of your ute so well you’ll think they were supposed to come with it.

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