Nissan NP300 Navara ELITE Canopy

The ELITE canopy is our premium bespoke canopy designed especially to suit your Nissan Navara 4x4 dual cab. At a glance the ELITE canopy mounted to the NP300 looks as if it was built with the car and rolled off the Nissan production line with its sleek level roof line and matching design features. Upon unlocking the sturdy framed doors with the click of your original D23 FOB key,  you will notice a host of other important features that make the ELITE the most secure and best insulated canopy on the market with up to 110kgs roof load rating* . Here is a list of the ELITE canopy features and why they are important:

  • Central Locking - Our central locking is operation on all 3 doors and is seamlessly integrated into your Nissan's existing central locking system, meaning no more extra sets of keys or bulking remotes. Bonus- the canopy tailgate also seals over the back tailgate effectively locking your tailgate as well.

  • NEW * ALARM System - We have now developed a vehicle integrated door alarm system which is available as an option on all ELITE canopies to suit Nissan Navara. This means that if someone tries to pry open your canopy doors, the whole vehicle alarm with be set off! Another benefit is that now your car will also tell you if one of your canopy doors isn't shut properly.

  • Fully Framed doors - One of the many reasons we buy a canopy is for security right? So why compromise on security with a canopy that only has glass lift up windows? Our ELITE canopy features 3x fully framed lift up doors which will ensure your security is never compromised. Coupled with large opening for ultimate access, its a winner all round.

  • Roof Load Rating - This marvelous canopy also comes standard with roof rails that have an 85 KG loading limit. However, when you need to carry that little bit extra and you don't want to pay enormous amount of money for internal supports as an extra. The ELITE canopies standard rails can be removed and replaced with a track system or direct mount cross rails and achieve a massive ROOF LOAD RATING OF 110 KGS  - we have your rear covered! 

  • Removable roof rails - Our suspended lining has been designed so that you can easily access the roof rail's mounting hardware to interchange your rails out for other roof load solutions if you so desire. With a 50mm x 5mm steel plate installed between 2 layers of fiberglass, your options are as endless as the strength.

  • Multi-skin fiberglass - Fiberglass is a very strong and lightweight material but also has the ability to be formed into complex shapes so that you don't have to lose on style to have a strong lightweight canopy. Using many layers of fiberglass means that we can strengthen the canopy at the same time creating a great level of insulation so that your gear, pets, fridge etc stay cool all year round.

  • Suspended roof lining - Not only does the premium suspended roof lining give you a warm luxurious feel, it also provides another element of insulation to your canopy keeping thermo sensitive equipment cool in all weather conditions.

  • LED door activated light - The ELITE canopy has a super bright LED interior light that will illuminate your Nissan Navara truck bed in even the lowest light conditions, What makes it even better is that it is automatically activated by all 3 doors so that you don't have to worry about pesky switches.

  • Tinted safety glass - All of our glass in the ELITE canopy is tinted safety glass with doubled tinted side doors to keep out unwanted prying eyes at the same time protecting your load in the event of an accident. Bonus- the benefit of framed doors means if you ever break our canopy glass you still have a working door to keep you secure until we ship out a replacement.

  • 50/50 sliding bulk head window - The ELITE  has kept the classic 50/50 sliding bulk head window so that you can still reach your rear cabin window for cleaning after those dusty trips and it can also be accessed with a full load unlike the drop down style windows. Bonus- perfect for ventilation throughout the canopy especially when carrying pets.

  • Rear window demister -The rear window of the ELITE comes standard with a heated demister that is integrated to your Navara's 'in cabin' controls for perfect vision on even the frostiest of mornings.

  • LED brake light - With your safety in mind, PJ's 4x4 has built a LED brake light into the rear spoiler to ensure safety and light longevity.

  • Level Roof Line -  Our signature level roof line not only looks great, it allows for the user to have the option of level  roof racks all the way across the vehicle.

  • Individual Styling -  Being a hand built canopy, the ELITE is styled differently for each individual vehicle model and the ELITE canopy for NP300 Navara is no exception!

  • Internal release - Another safety feature added to the ELITE canopy is an internal release, so whether you are sleeping in the back or for peace of mind, you'll always be able to open the rear door safely.

  • Unique drainage - Our unique drainage system is built into the canopy so that is is able to cope with the harsh Australian weather conditions.

  • Single Handle Slam Lock doors  for ease of use - Forget having to run around your canopy un-latching doors!

  • Dual latching doors to further increase the ELITE's unsurpassed security - Did we mention that this is a SUPER SECURE canopy?

  • C-Clamp mounts with additional safety mount - The addition safety mounts not only allow for adjustment to achieve a perfect fitment, they act as another safety device to ensure your canopy is not moving anywhere!

  • Stainless steel hinges - Quality is the ELITE canopies middle name.

  • Matching roof flutes - We have even thought about what your Ranger will look like from a birds eye view, how considerate of us.

  • FREE Courtesy umbrella  - Located at the bulkhead of your canopy, your FREE courtesy umbrella hang is the perfect place for easy access when it rains.

  • Touch up Paint - Handy to have just in case.

*Roof load must not exceed vehicle’s maximum roof load whilst moving, Please use safe tie down methods at all times and exercise common sense when loading larger items.

The list of benefits of the ELITE canopy could go on! Hit the below Enquire button to learn more! The perfect accessory to go with your Nissan NP300 Navara ELITE canopy is the ProLift tailgate assist!

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