3 major security features of PJ's4x4 canopies and why they are important?

At PJ's 4x4, we offer a canopy range with a number of choice features, including those that are designed to maximise the security of your cargo. As a must-have feature for all utilities, solve all of the common security problems that come along with hauling your cargo.

As a result, our canopies offer the most extensive security features out of the options that are available from our competitors. Here are the 3 major security featured offered by PJ's 4x4 canopies and why they are important.

1.   Fully Framed Doors

PJ's 4x4 canopies have fully framed doors, not just glass windows, which are much easier to break into. This is unlike most competitors’ canopies, which have simple glass lift up windows. Glass lift up windows are extremely easy for a thief to break into because the glass can be pried apart and is not actually a part of the door frame. Having a fully framed door ensures that your cargo is better protected from theft.

2.   Central Locking

With some PJ’s 4X4 canopies, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you locked the canopy after you exit your vehicle. PJ's 4x4 premium canopies feature full central locking so as long as your car is locked, all your property in the rear of your canopy will be safe and secure.

3.   Tinted Safety Glass

As a main feature, all of our canopies feature tinted safety glass. For security purposes, tinted safety glass also makes it harder for people to see inside your canopy. It also provides additional security against theft, which is essential if you are carrying high value equipment.

In addition, in case of an accident or damage to your vehicle, the tint also helps to strengthen the glass and will help to hold the glass in one piece if it is broken. This ensures your safety and increases the chances of your cargo being undamaged or minimising the damage in the event of an accident.

Not only do our canopies offer a strong fibreglass construction, the fibreglass itself provides exceptional strength. Fibreglass is made by combining thin filaments of glass with resin that is made from polymer plastic. A catalyst is used to enable these ingredients to harden and cure.

Skilled operators apply the chopped glass and resin, controlling the thickness of the application to a less than a tenth of a millimetre, which is required in order to allow the fibreglass to achieve its strength. The result is fibreglass construction that is lightweight, yet exceptionally strong to protect your cargo no matter where you drive to in your vehicle.

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