ProLift Tailgate Assist (Strut only) - Ford Ranger PX3 / Raptor

Ranger PArtor ProLift Rear_JPEG.jpg
Ranger PArtor ProLift Rear_JPEG.jpg

ProLift Tailgate Assist (Strut only) - Ford Ranger PX3 / Raptor

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ProLift Tailgate Assist from PJ's 4x4, is the latest must have item for every Ranger PX3 or Ford Raptor owner. This patented design will make opening and closing your Raptor tailgate simple. Utilising the patented strut from our original tailgate assist kit and coupled with the OEM torsion bar. You can watch your tailgate softly glide open giving you practically a hands free operation and when finished, you'll be able to close your tailgate with a single finger! This will help enormously when loading and unloading your vehicle on the job, on the road, or at home.

ProLift can easily be fitted to the Ford Ranger and is also more efficient than installing a conventional tailgate assist.

Features include:                                              

  • Soft opening for a one finger operation every time

  • Single finger closing makes work lighter

  • Quick and easy installation (no drilling)

  • Outstanding value for money

    Will fit all PX3 and Ford Raptor - May not be compatible to some aftermarket Drawers systems - Call 1800 008 458 if you are unsure

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