Protecting your investment - Transit Damage

There is not much more exciting then when you order a new product and eagerly await a call to say it has arrived and is ready for collection/installation. So its understandably shattering when the call you receive is to tell you that the product you have so patiently been waiting for has been found to have been damaged in transportation.

Unfortunately, this is a call that we at PJ's 4x4 have had to make before and is just as disappointing to us as it is to our customers. After spending hours double packing ute lids and wrapping them in the ever useful 'FRAGILE' tape along with calling freight companies to explain to them that our lids are large and cumbersome and must be handled by a minimum of 2 people, we have called 'time out' on letting freight cowboys throw our goods around their truck and introduced an almost fail safe way of transporting our ute lids.

Introducing, the PJ's 4x4 Lid crate. Made with a boxed steel frame and external sheeting, this crate will almost 100% rule out any chance of damage in transit to your ute lid. I know what you're thinking, "This is going to cost me a fortune in freight charges".. Well I can tell you that we have negotiated a great rate with our current courier to our nationwide network of approved installers as the crate can be moved with a forklift and doesn't require manual handling or loading.  In some cases, where high freight prices are unavoidable, PJ's will even absorb some of the transport costs to ensure piece of mind for both ourselves, our installers and our customers.

It's this kind of commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction, along with our premium unique items that makes the decision to choose a product from PJ's 4x4 all too easy.

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Should I chose an ABS Plastic or fibreglass canopy?

Finding any kind of reliable information is difficult at the best of times, especially when you are trying to find this information on the internet. Quite often, peoples own opinions overshadow the cold hard facts of the situation. Debates come up all the time when the opinion of an individual differs from that of another. From Sports to cooking, parenting to politics, people form their own opinion and will then argue with anyone who has decides differently.  

This is especially true in the automotive industry. A quick look at any 4x4 forum or review will show you how wide and diverse people’s opinions are on what is best for their needs.

We will talk some advantages of Fiberglass over ABS Plastic and in doing so, not only convince you that fiberglass truly is the better option, but do so hopefully without ruffling anyone’s feathers.

ABS Plastic is actually the synthetic compound Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene….but we aren’t all chemists so let’s break it down to layman’s terms.

ABS plastic is found in many different everyday items including canoes, drainage systems, and LEGO™ bricks. ABS Plastic is a flexible material for manufacturing because it is lightweight and fairly strong. Due to its ability to be injection moulded it can be made into a wide variety of products of good quality however lacks the ability to be moulded into more complex designs. Depending on the manufacturing process ABS Plastic can be made stronger or more resistant to heat. One downside to ABS Plastic is that once damaged, it is mostly irreparable.

The manufacturing process that adds strength makes the plastic more vulnerable to heat. Therefore making the plastic more resistant to heat, Severely reduces its strength.

Fiberglass in the application of Ute Canopies and Ute Lids, is actually glass-reinforced plastic. It is created from sheets of woven glass fibres laid over a mould. A resin polymer is applied and the product is cured. The result is a product that is lightweight and heat resistant. Not only that, but the glass fibres make the product much stronger than ABS Plastic.

In the automotive realm and especially in the world of 4WD, having parts that are extremely durable and lightweight aren’t a luxury, they are a necessity. Durability is great but damage and accidents do happen. In this area fiberglass undeniably outclasses ABS Plastic as Fibreglass can be repaired easily and at a relatively low cost..

When making any sort of purchase you want to be sure that you buy the highest quality possible. We chose to use fibreglass on our canopies for many reasons but some of our main reasons are because we are able to produce a strong and lightweight product, moulded and styled to perfectly suit a vehicles existing style. By producing a double skinned fibreglass construction we are creating a highly insulated product that is resistant to heat penetration whilst still being lightweight.

Both ABS Plastic canopies and Fiberglass canopies have their strengths. Reviews, comments and debates abound as to which is better.

Here at PJ’s 4x4 we believe Fiberglass to be the best choice for Canopies and Ute Lids but in the end, the choice is yours


Gone are the days of traditionally awkward and weighty tailgates. This innovative product from PJ's 4x4 is a must have accessory for all utility vehicle owners. Essentially offering a one finger operation in not only the opening but the closing of your tailgate.
Our exclusive 'PROLIFT' tailgate assist is the perfect complement to your new Toyota Hilux or Holden Colorado. Its unrivalled design alleviates the need for cautious eyes and wariness. After the handle is pulled the tailgate lowers smoothly under its own weight. Similarly the pressure of one finger is more than enough to close the previously hefty tailgate of a Ford Ranger.
The PJ's 4x4 'PROLIFT' is a revolutionary product, engineered with a system of gas struts and torsion spring hinges, customised to fit effortlessly with the existing tailgate mechanics of vehicles like the Isuzu Dmax, Nissan NP300 Navara, Mazda BT50 and the Mitsubishi Triton (MQ)
The availability of international shipping affords the vast majority of our customers the option of self fitting the 'PROLIFT', with no drilling required, it enables a quick and easy installation process.
However should you wish you can have your 'PROLIFT' fitted by one of our nation wide network of technicians.
The 'PROLIFT' is a necessity for your utility vehicle and is the perfect addition to our latest canopy release., the 'ELITE' canopy, exclusive to PJ's 4x4;

Click here to learn more about our most versatile canopy yet!  The 'ELITE' canopy.

Click here to purchase your very own ProLift tailgate assist!

Currently available for:
Nissan NP300 Navara
Ford Ranger PX
Toyota Hilux (Revo)
Toyota Hilux (Vigo)
Mitsubishi Triton (MQ)
Mazda BT-50
Holden Colorado
Isuzu Dmax

A New Age of Canopy has arrived

As the popularity for all things 4x4 continues to rise within Australia so does the
demand for modern canopies. Well, the search for the perfect blend of style and
functionality, which makes your vehicle both - a practical workhorse and functional
recreational vehicle - has now come to an end. 'Elite' canopy from PJ’s 4x4 marks the
arrival of a revolutionary canopy breaking its way into the market with Its impressive
comfort and capacity for both hard work and family camping adventures. The cohesive
design features and sleek roof line make this canopy feel as if it was manufactured
with the vehicle and rolled straight off the production line on your dual cab 4x4.
A premium bespoke design appeals to expert 4x4 enthusiasts and the novice crowd
alike. This contemporary canopy redefines consumer perspective about traditional ute
canopies and their functions. Flimsy glass windows and thin shell construction are now
a thing of past. The ‘Elite’ fibreglass canopy, exclusively by PJ’s 4x4, boasts a multiskinned
fibreglass construction. The canopy features fully framed doors, coupled with
an all important central locking system, that can be integrated with your existing
vehicle key; These features combined make this hardtop one of the most securable
canopies that has ever hit the 4x4 accessories market.

Additional Features
With the security sorted. This hand crafted canopy has distinctive styling features
complimentary to each model that seamlessly blend with your vehicle’s appearance.
Upon lifting up one of the three robust doors, an interior LED light will automatically
illuminate your tub. Lined with a luxury suspended fabric, the roof offers maximum
insulation and superior style. Not only does the suspended roof lining impart luxurious
yet durable feel, it also serves as an added element of insulation- Accordingly, even
your thermo-sensitive equipment can be kept cool under all weather conditions; whilst
minimising condensation during the cooler months.
The tinted safety glass and the double-tinted side doors will keep all prying eyes away
and will protect any load in the event of an accident. Above all, fully framed doors
allow you secure the load area in the unfortunately event the premium canopy glass

The roof rail replacement feature comes as an added surprise. Yes! The factory fitted
roof rails can be easily removed and replaced with any load-carrying solution of your
choice maximising your options. The PJ's 4x4 exclusive 'Elite' canopy sets itself apart
with its impressive 110 kg load rating making it a true game changer in the 4x4
accessories world.
Whether planning for extended outback adventure touring, caravanning or camping or
you're concerned with the security of your valuable equipment, the 'Elite' canopy is the
only choice. Ground-breaking features, refined quality and other important inclusions
along with our old fashioned customer service will exceed your expectations. Currently,
the PJ's 4x4 'Elite' central locking canopy is available for your Ford Ranger and the
new Toyota Hilux. However, production has commenced for the Volkswagen Amarok
canopy, Holden Colorado canopy, Nissan Navara canopy, Isuzu Dmax canopy and the
Mazda BT50 canopy.
Therefore, whether onsite, in the bush or navigating the urban jungle the PJ's 4x4
'Elite' has you covered

Written by Madeleine Byast

3 major security features of PJ's4x4 canopies and why they are important?

At PJ's 4x4, we offer a canopy range with a number of choice features, including those that are designed to maximise the security of your cargo. As a must-have feature for all utilities, solve all of the common security problems that come along with hauling your cargo.

As a result, our canopies offer the most extensive security features out of the options that are available from our competitors. Here are the 3 major security featured offered by PJ's 4x4 canopies and why they are important.

1.   Fully Framed Doors

PJ's 4x4 canopies have fully framed doors, not just glass windows, which are much easier to break into. This is unlike most competitors’ canopies, which have simple glass lift up windows. Glass lift up windows are extremely easy for a thief to break into because the glass can be pried apart and is not actually a part of the door frame. Having a fully framed door ensures that your cargo is better protected from theft.

2.   Central Locking

With some PJ’s 4X4 canopies, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you locked the canopy after you exit your vehicle. PJ's 4x4 premium canopies feature full central locking so as long as your car is locked, all your property in the rear of your canopy will be safe and secure.

3.   Tinted Safety Glass

As a main feature, all of our canopies feature tinted safety glass. For security purposes, tinted safety glass also makes it harder for people to see inside your canopy. It also provides additional security against theft, which is essential if you are carrying high value equipment.

In addition, in case of an accident or damage to your vehicle, the tint also helps to strengthen the glass and will help to hold the glass in one piece if it is broken. This ensures your safety and increases the chances of your cargo being undamaged or minimising the damage in the event of an accident.

Not only do our canopies offer a strong fibreglass construction, the fibreglass itself provides exceptional strength. Fibreglass is made by combining thin filaments of glass with resin that is made from polymer plastic. A catalyst is used to enable these ingredients to harden and cure.

Skilled operators apply the chopped glass and resin, controlling the thickness of the application to a less than a tenth of a millimetre, which is required in order to allow the fibreglass to achieve its strength. The result is fibreglass construction that is lightweight, yet exceptionally strong to protect your cargo no matter where you drive to in your vehicle.

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