Mitsubishi Triton

Protecting your investment - Transit Damage

There is not much more exciting then when you order a new product and eagerly await a call to say it has arrived and is ready for collection/installation. So its understandably shattering when the call you receive is to tell you that the product you have so patiently been waiting for has been found to have been damaged in transportation.

Unfortunately, this is a call that we at PJ's 4x4 have had to make before and is just as disappointing to us as it is to our customers. After spending hours double packing ute lids and wrapping them in the ever useful 'FRAGILE' tape along with calling freight companies to explain to them that our lids are large and cumbersome and must be handled by a minimum of 2 people, we have called 'time out' on letting freight cowboys throw our goods around their truck and introduced an almost fail safe way of transporting our ute lids.

Introducing, the PJ's 4x4 Lid crate. Made with a boxed steel frame and external sheeting, this crate will almost 100% rule out any chance of damage in transit to your ute lid. I know what you're thinking, "This is going to cost me a fortune in freight charges".. Well I can tell you that we have negotiated a great rate with our current courier to our nationwide network of approved installers as the crate can be moved with a forklift and doesn't require manual handling or loading.  In some cases, where high freight prices are unavoidable, PJ's will even absorb some of the transport costs to ensure piece of mind for both ourselves, our installers and our customers.

It's this kind of commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction, along with our premium unique items that makes the decision to choose a product from PJ's 4x4 all too easy.

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Gone are the days of traditionally awkward and weighty tailgates. This innovative product from PJ's 4x4 is a must have accessory for all utility vehicle owners. Essentially offering a one finger operation in not only the opening but the closing of your tailgate.
Our exclusive 'PROLIFT' tailgate assist is the perfect complement to your new Toyota Hilux or Holden Colorado. Its unrivalled design alleviates the need for cautious eyes and wariness. After the handle is pulled the tailgate lowers smoothly under its own weight. Similarly the pressure of one finger is more than enough to close the previously hefty tailgate of a Ford Ranger.
The PJ's 4x4 'PROLIFT' is a revolutionary product, engineered with a system of gas struts and torsion spring hinges, customised to fit effortlessly with the existing tailgate mechanics of vehicles like the Isuzu Dmax, Nissan NP300 Navara, Mazda BT50 and the Mitsubishi Triton (MQ)
The availability of international shipping affords the vast majority of our customers the option of self fitting the 'PROLIFT', with no drilling required, it enables a quick and easy installation process.
However should you wish you can have your 'PROLIFT' fitted by one of our nation wide network of technicians.
The 'PROLIFT' is a necessity for your utility vehicle and is the perfect addition to our latest canopy release., the 'ELITE' canopy, exclusive to PJ's 4x4;

Click here to learn more about our most versatile canopy yet!  The 'ELITE' canopy.

Click here to purchase your very own ProLift tailgate assist!

Currently available for:
Nissan NP300 Navara
Ford Ranger PX
Toyota Hilux (Revo)
Toyota Hilux (Vigo)
Mitsubishi Triton (MQ)
Mazda BT-50
Holden Colorado
Isuzu Dmax

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