Lockable ute lid

Protecting your investment - Transit Damage

There is not much more exciting then when you order a new product and eagerly await a call to say it has arrived and is ready for collection/installation. So its understandably shattering when the call you receive is to tell you that the product you have so patiently been waiting for has been found to have been damaged in transportation.

Unfortunately, this is a call that we at PJ's 4x4 have had to make before and is just as disappointing to us as it is to our customers. After spending hours double packing ute lids and wrapping them in the ever useful 'FRAGILE' tape along with calling freight companies to explain to them that our lids are large and cumbersome and must be handled by a minimum of 2 people, we have called 'time out' on letting freight cowboys throw our goods around their truck and introduced an almost fail safe way of transporting our ute lids.

Introducing, the PJ's 4x4 Lid crate. Made with a boxed steel frame and external sheeting, this crate will almost 100% rule out any chance of damage in transit to your ute lid. I know what you're thinking, "This is going to cost me a fortune in freight charges".. Well I can tell you that we have negotiated a great rate with our current courier to our nationwide network of approved installers as the crate can be moved with a forklift and doesn't require manual handling or loading.  In some cases, where high freight prices are unavoidable, PJ's will even absorb some of the transport costs to ensure piece of mind for both ourselves, our installers and our customers.

It's this kind of commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction, along with our premium unique items that makes the decision to choose a product from PJ's 4x4 all too easy.

To find out more or to explore our products, visit www.pjs4x4.com.au or call 1800 008 458

Why a TopUp cover should be the first accessory for your 4x4 ute!

To fun loving, practical people from Melbourne to Darwin and all across Australia, PJ's 4x4 ship their world famous TopUp cover. All of these customer display their TopUp ute lids with pride and take any opportunity they can get to show others why a secure and versatile hard top such as the TopUp is the first accessory you should have fitted to your 4x4 ute.

Available for most 4x4 ute makes, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok to Nissan NP300 Navara and more! this pop up ute lid is praised among all owners and Brett Christie from Perth in Western Australia is no exception. Here's what Brett has to say about PJ's 4x4 and their product:

"Early in 2015 I caught up with an existing client and he showed me his VW Amarok, and his recent addition being a TopUp cover. What an awesome idea.

 That night I told my wife "if we ever had to purchase a ute, this is the cover that I would want". 

 Canopies are ok but to me, I never liked the look of them. With this cover it would still look like a ute should look, but with the ability to have the hard top tilted to carry the mountain bikes, full height to carry the dogs in shade (and when parked), and only take a few moments to lock all away from opportunistic eyes.

 A few months had passed and after traveling the CSR in our Discovery, I returned to the request from my wife "I want to buy a ute, and you told me next time I could choose the car". We ended up with a Pride Orange Wildtrak, because she loved the colour. Happy Wife, Happy Life.

 Before delivery I got on the phone to PJ's 4x4 to order our colour coded TopUp cover. As the Ranger Wildtrak Pride Orange was a new colour, they had to wait for the paint shop to obtain the appropriate paint codes.

 A few weeks later my TopUp cover arrived in WA, and as PJ's 4x4 had supplied me with a link for the video install, plus written instructions, on she went. Took approximately 3 hours....installed with just my two hands and very basic tools.

 A couple of minor adjustments had to be made and Kevin from PJ's 4x4 was more than happy to run through it with me.

 I now I have my eye on a new ute, and a TopUp cover from PJ's 4x4 will be the first accessory on order.

Regards Brett Christie"

The choice is clear when it comes to adding an accessory to your next 4x4 ute- to place an order or inquire about all of our products including our ProLift tailgate assist, then contact us here or call Kevin on 1800 008 458


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