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PJ's supports the 'Buy a Bale' campaign

Published 12-09-2018

PJ's 4x4 are proud to announce our support for Rural Aid's "Buy a Bale" initiative throughout the entire month of September and continuing on until the last day of the ELMORE Field days on October 4th. 

With rainfall in some parts of Australia being the lowest in recorded history, its no surprise that our brothers and sister who work the land to feed the country are struggling. 

A trailer of hay alone costs about $2500 and with transport costs as high as $5000 to get a supply to a property, feeding animals is a costly exercise.

Properties are too dry to produce any feed of their own and livestock are so starving, farmers have been forced to shoot thousands of animals to put them out of their misery.

As Australians all over the country are coming together to lend a helping hand, PJ's 4x4 are joining the fight and giving back to those in need.

For every new ELITE canopy purchase or order until October 4th, we will be donating $100 to the "Buy a Bale" Campaign. So if you or anyone you know are in the market for a premium canopy and would also like to help the support the backbone of Australia, September is the month to see us for a new ELITE canopy.

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